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Corridor Chatter Vol. 2, Issue 5: CCI Wireless


CCI Wireless is an innovative communications technology company that delivers custom connectivity solutions to under-served and under-connected, made possible by Canadian ingenuity and customer-first attitude.

CCI Wireless (Corridor Communications Inc.) is an Internet Service Provider specializing in innovative wireless connectivity solutions for hard-to-reach places. Our purpose is to power communities to their potential, by providing high speed internet to the under-served and under-connected areas of our country.

As of 2019, CCI is Canada’s second-largest WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider), which a network footprint stretching across B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In our home province of Alberta, we cover 200,000+ square kilometers, and we reach 110,000 rural and remote households and businesses, including more than 7,000 households across 17 Indigenous Peoples’ reserves.

Project Overview

The company hadn't put out a newsletter in close to five months and as such, there was a lot of information to go out to internal and external audiences. I gathered information, wrote copy text, ghost-wrote a quote for the CEO and outlined the entire newsletter on InDesign. I regularly ghostwrite and manage the company intranet, known as "The Fort" so the information gathering was made simple by my having written most updates previously.

The entire version isn't published as the New in The Network section has insider information on upcoming launches, to be announced publicly in 2020.



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