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Amalgamated Dairies Ltd. (ADL)


Amalgamated Dairies Ltd. (ADL) has been a staple of Island life for 65 years. The company has been 100 per cent owned by PEI family dairy farms since 1953. ADL Foods, a 30-year-old division of ADL, is PEI's top food service distributor, proudly delivering 200 million products to Island businesses each year. ADL supports Island communities through product donations and sponsorships for local events, organizations and initiatives.

Upon arriving to the Island I noticed ADL products everywhere, but didn't know anything about the company. ADL supplies dairy to Cow's ice cream and Green Gables Chocolates. The company recently celebrated its 65th anniversary, necessitating this feature!

Project Overview

I wrote this client feature while working for ACOA for the June 2018 intranet story. I interviewed and worked with ADL's Account Manager at ACOA to ensure information was accurate and the tone reflected the corporate culture.


ADL: Truly an Island success story

  • ADL products are sold Island-wide, across Canada and in the U.S. The company looks forward to breaking into the UK market with its cheese products under the developing CETA agreement.

  • ADL operates six dairy processing facilities around the Island and is currently owned by 165 dairy farmers..

  • The company regularly supports Island community events and organizations through product donations and sponsorships.

  • ADL Foods, a 30 year old division of ADL, proudly delivers 200 million products to Island businesses each year.

  • ADL has been100 per cent owned by PEI family dairy farms since 1953 and is celebrating 65 years of being a household staple across the Island.

Since the agency's inception in 1987, ACOA has been involved in multiple projects with ADL to upgrade equipment and improve company capacity to serve customer needs.

ACOA has invested over $4 million into ADL projects valued at more than $24 million. The funds contributed by ACOA are 18 per cent of ADL's total costs, showing that the company doesn't rely on government funding to grow their business. However, with ACOA's financial support, the company has been in a better position to grow product lines, increase exports and improve efficiencies with state-of-the-art technologies.

When the company can grow its products and markets they make more money - and when they make more money, they buy more milk from farmers, strengthening the Island economy.

ADL is lucky to have the support and knowledge of their ACOA Account Manager, Susan Myers Garrett, and she's happy to have them: "ADL comes to ACOA when they need help with particular projects - and they know that ACOA is always willing to have a conversation."

She says that they are easy to work with, as they are very self-sufficient and passionate about delivering their high-quality product.

"This company is forward-thinking and innovative. Every conversation may not lead to a project, but then again, our support to clients goes well beyond dollars and cents."

James Bradley became CEO of ADL in 2005 and with more than 30 years experience at the company, he is still grateful for the chance to understand the business by working from the bottom to the top. The Atlantic Business 2018 Top 50 CEO Award recognized Bradley for leading the largest expansion in the company's 65-year history.

He was recently quoted by Atlantic Business Magazine as saying,

"There is no occupation that I have witnessed that has more passion, commitment and dedication for what they do than the diary farmers of PEI."

It is apparent that ADL is an ever-evolving cornerstone in PEI history, culture, community and its economy. ACOA congratulates ADL on their 65th anniversary in providing high-quality products to its consumers and its continual investment in communities across the Island!


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