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2019 GK Chapter Scholarship Recipient


The MRU Golden Key Society chapter offers an annual scholarship to an outstanding member who exemplifies the organization's three pillars of academics, service and leadership. This feature story highlights the 2019 recipient, Emily-Anne Nelson, and her contributions to the community.

Project Overview

I wrote this feature story, published as a Facebook Note on the @mrugoldenkey page, after reviewing Emily-Anne's original application and speaking to her directly at the 2019 New Member Recognition Event in person. This served as an opportunity to highlight the scholarship opportunities that come with Golden Key membership and doubly showcases the exceptional members within the chapter!


2019 Member Scholarship Recipient

November 15, 2019 CALGARY

The MRU Golden Key International Honour Society chapter is excited to announce that Emily-Anne Nelson is the recipient of the 2019 chapter scholarship. Beginning her academic adventure at the mature age of 24, Emily-Anne is in her fifth year of Psychology at MRU.

Emily-Anne trained and competed for Canada in the sport of skeleton for many years until her career was ended abruptly due to a head injury. What she once believed would dictate her entire future was taken away just as fast. Following these head injuries was years of mental and emotional rehabilitation, which led Emily-Anne to her current path.

"Suffering from generalized anxiety disorder in combination with persistent depressive disorder has made being a strong student difficult, but it has also taught me to persevere in difficult times."

Over the past five years, she has had to re-learn what it means to be a successful student. By continually re-assessing and implementing new strategies to improve, both as a student and an individual, Emily-Anne has experienced success! She enjoys the process of learning and feeling the pressure of exams because the skills she is learning will serve her throughout her life.

In September 2019, she became a Peer to Peer Mental Health Advisor at MRU. This has enabled her to partake in different learning experiences and learn valuable communication skills pertaining to mental health.

Every week Emily-Anne meets with her team; they plan and execute different events around campus to raise awareness about sleep, addiction and stress. Once a semester, the team participates in SnackChat - an opportunity to hand out snacks to students around campus while having open conversations about mental health. Emily-Anne uses her knowledge of campus services to support students and direct them towards resources during exams.

After completing her undergraduate degree in Spring 2020, Emily-Anne plans on going directly into a graduate degree in Psychology through Athabasca University. This online degree program will allow her to gain experience to support her practice as a psychologist after completing her Masters.

Emily-Anne's ultimate goal is to work with children because they are the future. She hopes to lessen the stigma around mental illness and help struggling kids build a strong foundation so they are capable of reaching their full potential.

"Emily-Anne exemplifies the core values of Golden Key in academics, service and leadership. She is a strong advocate for mental wellness and is certainly a deserving recipient of the 2019 chapter scholarship."

About Golden Key Society

Established in 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, the Golden Key International Honour Society provides members with opportunities to partake in service initiatives, network with peers across institutions and apply for both local and international scholarships. More than two million Golden Key members are in 390 chapters across Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, The Bahamas and the United States. Learn more at

About MRU Golden Key Society

The Mount Royal University chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society is the first in Calgary and the second in Alberta. Since 2015, the chapter has welcomed more than 650 members, 420 of them MRU alumni, and eight honourary inductees, including Mayor Naheed Nenshi. Membership is by invitation only for the top 15 per cent of students within each faculty based on academic achievement. Golden Key helps members realize their potential through its three pillars: academics, service and leadership. Learn more @mrugoldenkey across social media.


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