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ACOA Client Feature Articles Mini-series

Project Overview

There are numerous ACOA clients across the Island that come from a variety of sectors. Many of these clients' stories of innovation and industry excellence are compelling - though employees might not know of them if they are not the account executive! As such, I wrote these short feature stories to be disseminated through the weekly internal newsletter (Mailchimp), the intranet and ScreenScape closed-circuit TV in the PEI office.


Exercise Nihilo Sapper 2018, PEI

Canadian Armed Forces

The 4ESR (4 Engineer Support Regiemtn) is the Army's highest Readiness Unit and pursues technical engineering excellence. To maintain their skills, 4ESR selects community projects to build or upgrade using their full roster of read seal tradespeople, engineers and more!

Projects for the Exercise Nihilo Sapper 2018 initiative include some ACOA CIG clients, former CIP clients, provincial parks, tourism infastructure, natural areas, bank restoration and trail development. In November 2018, more than 500 members of 4ERS will arrive a Slemon Park, dispersing across PEI for three weeks to complete projects.

Marilyn has been working with 3ESR since November 2017 to identify community initiatives across PEI. Eight members of 4ESR presented her with a mini component of a Bailey (truss) bridge developed by the British during WWII for military use to recognize her efforts.

The 2018 Exercise Nihilo Sapper open house will be held November 10 at Slemon park.


La Maison BeauSoleil Oysters

The President's email Wednesday highlighted this New Brunswick company that will use robotics to copmete in the global oyster market. Their oysters were featured on Parts Unknown during the Newfoundland episode. Read more here.


Client Feature

Jasper Wyman & Son: wild blueberry health benefits

The week of March 27, 2018 the TODAY show explored "longevity foods with unique health-boosting properties that may help you live longer". Wild blueberries were featured, thanks to a lead from Jasper Wyman & Son. The company is the leading grower, packer and marketer of wild blueberries and berry fruits flash frozen, canned and in juices.

The segment shows TODAY's Savannah Guthrie exploring health benefits of wild blueberries, a food native to North America. Integrative medicine physician Taz Bhatia explains the difference between wild and regular blueberries. Bhatia also highlights how the wild variety promotes good health by reducing inflammation and improving memory by virtue of containing tons of anti-oxidants. Read the article.


Somru BioScience

Client Feature Story

Somru is an emerging biotechnology company established by Moin and his wife Dihan, together with brother Rafiq Islam and his wife, Clarinda. With a client base of over 70 companies in 23 countries, Somru is becoming a leader in the bioscience sector in both PEI and on the inernational stage. Watch Moin speak about how his father's story led him on his entrepreneurial journey. Read the full story.


Breakfast on the Farm

August 4, 2018

8 - 11 AM at Crasdale Farms Inc.

(5576 Rustico Rd., Route 6, South Rustico)

Enjoy a free all-PEI food breakfast, barn tours and activities - this event is open to the public. Farm & Food Care PEI is a coalition telling the story of the Island's food, from production to consumption. The organization provides credible and accurate information on PEI food and farming practices.


Le Roi du Chocolate: Roma at Three Rivers Heritage Festival

The first ever Roma at Three Rivers Heritage Chocolate Festival was held July 27 & 28 at the national historic site east of Montague.

The Festival celebrated life in the 1700s when French merchant Jean-Pierre Roma established a trading post on L'Isle St-Jean (PEI) 286 years ago, introducting chocolate to the aristocrats.

Gordon, festival chair and historic site board member, attended the Festival dressed as a very smart-looking Macque, Le Roi du Chocolate!

Read the full feature story and CBC article.


Old Home Week began as a two-day event in October 1888 with agricultural livestock shows, handicraft displays and the finest fruits and vegetables Island soil could produce. Exhibition Week was exciting even in times of struggle, during the Great Depression (1930) there were over 15,000 visitors! Old Home Week was coined during World War II - a week of Vaudeville, harness racing and celebration lifted many spirits. The 1960s began the tradition of the Gold Cup and Saucer Girls, parade and race. Old Home Week continues today as part of the Island way of life! Learn more.


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