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Mountain View Events Grant 2018


I served as the Communications Coordinator for the University of Calgary (UC) 4-H club from September 2018 - March 2019. During that time, the club offered its first grant for 4-H Alberta clubs by partnering with Mountain View Events Ltd.

Founded in 2017, University of Calgary 4-H is a group of 4-H Alberta alumni who are pursuing post-secondary education in Calgary. Members volunteer their expertise to Calgary Region clubs by providing communications workshops and judges. UC 4-H offers grant opportunities to 4-H Alberta clubs that support varied initiatives, impacting members. Follow @ucalgary4h across social media.

UC 4-H was rebranded in Fall 2019 as YYC Aggies to make the brand and group more accessible for post-secondary students who may not have been in 4-H but are from small-town Alberta and are seeking community.

Project Overview

Clubs were invited to apply before December 31, 2018 for an opportunity to receive one of four grants ($500, $300, $250 or $150) with funds provided by Mountain View Events Ltd. There were over 25 applications received for the four grant amounts. The successful applicants were announced on February 15 through a news release, which I also wrote.

I facilitated the grant process working closely with the club President and Secretary. I set up a Google Form to receive applications after helping to design the grant structure and two essay questions. I also served on the blind application review committee to ultimately choose the successful four applicants. I designed and disseminated all social media communications using Hootsuite and Canva.

While designing all UC 4-H graphics, I followed 4-H Canada brand standards to advertise the opportunity to clubs across the province. I also designed and sent emails using Mailchimp to all clubs that applied for the grant updating them as to the status of their application the day of the official news release was sent.


Applicant Notification Emails

First Place: Foothills Sheep and Multi Club of Vulcan, Alta.

Second Place: Morrin Multi 4-H club of Morrin, Alta.

Third Place: Myrnam 4-H Beef and Multi club of Myrnam, Alta.

Fourth Place: Three Hills 4-H Wranglers club of Three Hills, Alta.

Unsuccessful applicants (total of 21 receipients from 4-H Alberta clubs across the province)


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