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JobSite 360


JobSite 360 is a startup in Charlottetown that operates out of the Ignition Startup Zone. This project announcement is regarding ACOA's investment in JobSite 360.

The company has developed an innovative, cloud-based book-keeping software and project management tool for small-to-medium sized general contractors in the construction business. Four mobile apps for the foreman, client, contractor and workers in the JobSite 360 suite communicate to provide accurate job tracking and invoicing - increasing efficiency and profitability.

Project Overview

Working for ACOA, I drafted the original copy, MP Sean Casey's quote and the client quote, then guided the news release through approvals, wrote tweets and sent it to translation services.

This release was covered in The Guardian with a brief mention.

Tweets were sent from the @ACOACanada (EN) or @NewsroomGC and @APECACanada (FN) or @salledepresseGC accounts.


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