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Jewel Theatre

The Jewel Theatre has been a cornerstone in the Stettler community for decades. I remember going to watch movies at the Jewel since a little kid, with fond memories of time spent with family and friends. AND - the popcorn is top notch. As a local, family owned and operated business, the Jewel gives back to the community and I wanted to offer my time and talents to support them.

Popcorn Posts

Even before COVID-19 hit, the Jewel has been famous for its popcorn and many locals are known to just go buy popcorn for their own home theatre movie nights. As an alternative revenue stream with in-person services being suspended, the theatre started taking orders for contactless popcorn delivery at the beginning of March 2020.

I offered to re-design the Jewel's graphics for both their cover photo (see above) and theatre menu (see below), which is posted weekly for the Jewel's Popcorn Post.

Before - the Popcorn Post graphic series

The Menu - Redesigned

I've always really liked the Jewel's logo. It's remiscnet of the golden age of film - think of Annie, when Daddy Warbucks takes this firecracker orphan to the movies in a sprawling theatre. They dress up and drive the convertible. It's an entire outing. And the Jewel strives to bring back that kind of experience in a small town setting by hosting special events in a family-friendly setting.

The classic rich reds offsetting the cream colours - a hallmark colour palette originating from pinstriped buckets of popcorn remiscnient of the glory days of cinema.

With the new design, I streamlined the amount of information presented for ease of readability. I set up the menu items on a billet (ticket) background remiscent of the Jewel's gift certificate design. Using different styles of typography and contrasting colours, this series of three graphics present the services the Jewel is offering with a supplementary copy text call-to-action when the Popcorn Post is made each week.

The designs are still editable in Canva, and the Jewel updates the menu as items run out or availability changes due to supply chain interruptions with COVID-19.


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