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Bradley Dezall Photography Logo


I met Bradley Dezall through a mutual friend when seeking a volunteer photographer for the 2018 New Member Recognition Event hosted by MRU Golden Key. Impressed by his work, I asked him to return the following year to capture the event again. As Communications Coordinator for MRU Golden Key during this time, I coordinated his involvement in the event and provided a letter of recommendation.

From this, Bradley asked about personal branding and asked if I would be able to create a logo for his photography business. As my first client as a contractor, I took this project on with zest; both I and Bradley were pleased with the final results.

Project Overview

I used Adobe Illustrator to create a logo for Bradley Dezall Photography to be used as a watermark or to meet any other future branding needs. After consulting with Bradley about his business and reviewing different types of logos used, a sketch was made up and the resulting logo kit was developed to brand his growing business. The kit has six different renditions of the logo based on three base designs and varying by light or dark colour composition, as seen below.


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